Eighth Annual Screen Industries in East-Central Europe Conference – Public Service Media’s Online Strategies: Industry Concepts and Critical

The Eighth Annual Screen Industries in East-Central Europe Conference (SIECE) is providing a forum for discussing the online strategies of public service broadcasters and their possible transformations into a new kind of media services. While critical studies of television in the internet era and of online distribution of audiovisual content more generally have boomed in recent years, there has not been enough attention paid to the specific challenges and opportunities that the internet brings to public service media (PSM).

This is even more the case in the small countries of Central and Eastern Europe where PSM have generally limited their online presence to catch-up services and are still looking for more complex solutions to keep up with commercial and global competition. They face enormous difficulties ranging from outdated legal frameworks and financing models, a lack of skills in digital curation or data analytics, unpredictable changes in consumer habits, the impact of social media platforms, and political attacks trying to take advantage of PSM’s insecure position. At the same time, the convergence of television and the internet presents opportunities for new business models, modes of audience engagement, and conceptualisations of public value.

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22. 11. 2019 12:45
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23. 11. 2019 19:15
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Bartolomějská 291/11, Praha (Kino Ponrepo)
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Petr Szczepanik
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