New Academic Senate of CU FA Has Been Elected for the Term 2022–2025

19. 5. 2022

The electronic polls were closed on 18 May 2022 and 15 senators were on behalf of the student academia and 16 on behalf of the academics.

Professor of Jewish History and Thinking, Hillel J. Kieval, Has Received Silver Medal of CU FA

12. 5. 2022

The dean of CU FA, Eva Lehečková, has been awarded Hillel J. Kieval from Washington University in St. Louis for his contribution to Jewish history in Central Europe and his persisting support of Jewish Studies in the Czech Republic.

Evaluation of the Summer Semester Courses Has Been Launched

12. 5. 2022

The anonymous electronic evaluation of courses take place from 10 to 29 May. The results including the comments will be released in the middle of June.

Ibero-American Week Is Just Around the Corner

3. 5. 2022

Universidad de Chile and Charles University co-organize Ibero-American Week that is to take place from 9 to 13 May. As part of the event, the 27th Ibero-American Prize for student essays will be awarded and the Centre for Ibero-American Studies at CU FA will hold a conference on the bicentennial of the independence processes in Brazil, Mexico and Peru.

Vote in the Elections to the Academic Senate of CU FA

2. 5. 2022

The presentations for the upcoming elections (to be held from 10 am on 17 May to 5 pm on 18 May) for the period 2022–2025 have been published.

Prof. Jacobsen Introduces Law Books and Faroese Ballads

26. 4. 2022

The Faculty of Arts, Charles University, and the Faculty of Humanities CU cordially invites you to a cycly of lectures by Prof. Helen Frances Leslie-Jacobsen (University of Bergen) that will be held at both faculties from 26 to 29 April 2022.

The Elections to the Academic Senate of CU FA Are Approaching

19. 4. 2022

Candidates can submit their nominations until 23 April 2022, the elections will be held online from 10 am on 17 May to 5 pm on 18 May 2022.