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When are the libraries open? Are they open during national holidays?

The overview of the opening hours of all libraries may be found on our website. During public (national) holidays, the libraries are always closed. Go to opening hours.

How can I register to the CU FA libraries?

From December 2019, only a single registration is required for all libraries of Charles University. For the registration, you need to own one of the identity cards issued by CU (there is also a card for the public) and then fill in and send an electronic application to use the services of CU libraries.

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What is the CU FA Library? Where can I find it? What are the opening hours?

The CU FA Library is not, in fact, a single library but a whole network of libraries. This network consists of 27 departmental libraries and the Centre of Scientific Information. It means that it cannot be simply said where CU FA Library is situated because each library, being a part of the network, has its own location inside the buildings of CU FA. Formally speaking, CU FA Library’s location is identical with the Centre of Scientific Information and the Director of CU FA Library. The same principle applies to the opening hours – each library has different opening hours. The Director of CU FA Library and the staff of the Centre of Scientific Information have office hours here.

Is CU FA Library the same as Jan Palach Library?

No, it is not. Jan Palach Library is one of 27 libraries that constitute the network of CU FA Library. See “What is CU FA Library?”. Nonetheless owing to its location, size, opening hours, range, and specialization of the library collection, Jan Palach Library serves to some extent as the central library of the Faculty of Arts, Charles University. But the term “central library” is not accurate and, therefore, not used.

Although I am not a student, teacher nor an employee of the Faculty, may I visit CU FA libraries?

Yes, you may. All libraries of the Faculty of Arts are open to the public. There is no need for registration for the in-house study of the books. To request documents from the depository and borrowing regular loans, it is necessary to have an external user pass that is issued at Charles University Card Service Centres. Issuing of this pass is subject to a fee. The registration to CU libraries itself is free of charge. The user registers by submitting and agreeing with an electronic application which may be found on the website of Charles University Library. To access the electronic application, you have to log-in with the ID and password issued by the CU Card Service Centre. If you do not remember the password or it has expired, it is necessary to personally return to the Card Service Centre. After the application has been successfully sent, the user becomes a registered user of all libraries at Charles University.

How and where can I pay the overdue fines? May I pay via cashless bank transfer?

If you incur an overdue fine because you have not returned the books in time, it is necessary to pay the overdue fine as soon as possible. You cannot borrow more books until the fine is paid. You may pay in cash in selected CU FA libraries or via cashless bank transfer. All information on paying the overdue fine may be found here.

I have incurred a debt for unreturned books. I could not return them for serious reasons. Could my overdue fine be discharged?

Firstly, you need to return the borrowed books. When you have done so, it is possible to request a discharge of the overdue fine. It needs to be done in writing and addressed to the Director of the CU FA Library (not by email). The reasons worthy of discharge of the debt are specified in the Circulation Rules and Regulations of the CU FA Library

I have lost a book and the overdue fine is increasing. What should I do?

As soon as possible, inform the library, where you have borrowed the book, about it when you already know you will not be able to return it in time so that the fine does not increase. Our librarian will stop the increase of the fine, write down a loss report with you, and arrange further steps. It may be buying the same book. If it is not on the market anymore, then the librarian will suggest a settlement payment or buying a book of the same price level. The process of compensating the lost document including possible handling charge is fully described in Article 6 of Charles University Library and Circulation Rules,

My overdue fine is increasing but I had to suddenly leave Prague. What should I do?

Contact the library, where you have borrowed the book, as fast as you can. The library employees will discuss further steps with you. List of libraries.

I need a book which the CU FA libraries do not have but another library in the Czech Republic or abroad has. Can you arrange the loan for me?

Interlibrary Loan Service (ILS) allows internal users of CU FA (employees and students of the Faculty) to acquire documents, which are not present in the collection of CU FA Library, from libraries outside of Prague in the Czech Republic or libraries abroad (International Interlibrary Loan Service – IILS). ILS is free of charge, IILS is charged according to the price list of the National Library of the Czech Republic.

The literature borrowed via ILS and IILS is intended only for in-house study in the study rooms of Jan Palach Library. Upon request, it is possible to deliver the book to another departmental library at CU FA for the in-house study. The book is delivered to the departmental library by an employee providing ILS and IILS (not by the user). More information here.

I have some questions regarding electronic information resources (EIR)

Please, see the frequently asked questions related to the use of the electronic resources. Redirect to E-Resources FAQ.