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New Publication: The Gaelic Poetry of Derick Thomson by Dr Poncarová

Petra Johana Poncarova from the Department of Anglophone Literatures and Cultures examines Thomson’s life and work, and his historical, political, cultural and personal influences. It is an ideal introduction for senior school pupils and students of all ages who are interested in Scottish literature and culture.

Handy Links during the Closure of Libraries

The CU FA Library gathers handy links to electronic accesses to information, e-learning, and alternative ways of teaching during the current closure of libraries.

Brigid Meets Prague 2021

The Irish Centre at the Department of Anglophone Literatures and Cultures at CU FA in collaboration with Embassy of Ireland Prague organize a festival Brigid Meets Prague 2021. This year’s celebration will be online podcasts featuring a range of Irish female literary creativity.

Welcome to the Machine: Analysis of Shakespeare’s Henry VIII

Petr Plecháč, completing a Ph. D. in mathematical linguistics at CU FA, made world headlines with his analysis of Shakespeare’s Henry VIII. Plecháč’s study – using machine learning – analysed word frequency patterns and rhythms to provide evidence that the play was a collaborative effort. Henry VIII was not written by Shakespeare alone.

In Pictures: Honouring Jan Palach’s Legacy

Even in the midst of the continuing pandemic Charles University has honoured Jan Palach, the student who in an act of protest in January 1969 doused himself in petrol and set himself alight.

Anthropologist Marek Jakoubek Examines Czech Communities in Bulgaria. His Research Was Awarded by the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Doc. Marek Jakoubek from the Institute of Ethnology at CU FA was awarded the Certificate of Merit by the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences for his contribution to Bulgarian studies. He was awarded for the establishment of a research centre in Pilsen. Currently, he works on the establishing of a similar centre at the Prague’s institute. Marek Jakoubek undertakes […]

Overview: Accessible Databases in 2021

Charles University and its faculties are buying a lot of bibliographic and full-text databases. Take a look at the list of databases that can be used in 2021. Some of the resources are available to all users of the whole Charles University and some are accessible only by the users from particular faculties. In bold are resources […]

CU FA Library restores Loan Service in a Restricted Mode

From 13 January 2021, CU FA libraries will start again to loan books to the students and employees of Charles University in a restricted mode.

A New Dimension of Partnership between the Capital City of Prague and Charles University: Campus Hybernská is Now a Registered Institution (z. ú.)

The Rector of Charles University and the Mayor of Prague signed a partnership agreement at the end of the year and, thus, founded a joint project that significantly contributes to an enhanced connection of the academic, city, and general public activities. A newly registered institution Kampus Hybernská, z.ú. has begun its operation.

Student Course Evaluation of the Winter Semester Has Been Launched. The Forms Can Be Filled by 24 January

Anonymous electronic course evaluation takes place from 5 until 24 January. The results, including the comments, will be released before the start of the summer semester.