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A New Cutting-Edge Research Centre for Area Studies Will Be Established at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University

Faculty of Arts, Charles University (CU FA), was awarded a grant for a prestigious ERA-AREAS project from the Horizon Europe programme (ERA Chair scheme). In collaboration with Prof Mariana Llanos from the German Institute of Global and Area Studies, the project team will carry out research of contemporary critical phenomena in non-European regions over the next five years.

The Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Has Reduced Opening Hours During Summer

During July and August, the buildings on Jan Palach Square 1/2 and in Hybernská 3 are closing at 7:30 pm.

Charles University Will Defend the HR Excellence in Research This Year

It had been five years since CU received the prestigious award “HR Excellence in Research” from the European Commission. This autumn, a team of international evaluators will come to CU, and the university will need to demonstrate that it has met its obligations and that it intends to continue making improvements in the HR area and in caring for its employees.   

Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Has New Professors

On 13 June 2024, the President of the Czech Republic and the Minister of Education, Youth, and Sports of the Czech Republic appointed professor psychologist Filip Smolík, Italianist Pavel Štichauer, and Slavist Alla Arkhanhelska.

Marek Nekula: Kafka’s Texts Have Lost None of Their Relevance

What can contemporary readers find in Franz Kafka’s work and do any unanswered questions remain? The matter is one of continuing importance for Prof Marek Nekula, who has been studying Kafka’s work since the early 1990s, when he worked at CU FA. Today he lectures at the University of Regensburg, where he heads the Bohemicum Center for Czech Studies.

Prof. Petr Kratochvíl Has Published a New Book on the Role of the Catholic Church in the Contemporary International System

The academic from the Department of Political Science at CU FA, who is also a guarantor for the multi-university research project CoRe, has published Geopolitics of Global Catholicism: Politics of Religion in Space and Time. The work will be formally presented to a professional audience for the first time on Friday 7 June 2024 at the Gregorian University in Rome.

Rector of Charles University Invites the Members of CU FA to a Morning Informal Meeting

Breakfast with the Rector, Prof Milena Králíčková, will be held on 25 June 2024 from 9:00 to 10:00 am in room P201 in the main building of CU FA. The number of seats is limited to 10 people, and it is necessary to register in advance via a form.

Charles University and Security: Creating a Safety Culture Will Be Very Important

Almost half a year has passed since tragedy struck the Faculty of Arts, Charles University: a mass shooting that claimed 14 lives. CU has since responded with key measures. The head of the Central Crisis Staff of Charles University Otomar Sláma and security expert Zdeněk Kalvach discussed steps already implemented and crucial steps still to be taken.

Charles Games Released a New Game, “Playing Kafka,” to Mark the Centenary of Kafka’s Death

The game, developed by a spin-off company of Charles University in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut Prag, introduces Franz Kafka and his works The Trial, Letter to His Father, and The Castle. Lecturers and graduates from the IISL at CU FA cooperated on the game’s production, namely doc. Vít Šisler, Dr Lukáš Kolek, and Ondřej Trhoň.

Annual Rector’s Sports Day Got University Moving

The Rector’s Sports Day offered staff and students at Charles University numerous opportunities to burn calories at various sports venues in Prague, Hradec Králové and Plzeň. The event was organised by the Department of Physical Education of the Faculty of Arts, Charles University.