MA Programmes


The application process for the academic year 2021/2022 (starting September 2021):

MA (master’s) degree programmes are focused on a more theoretical level of the subject, on research and development, and the student’s ability to apply his knowledge in practice. MA programmes follow up on BA degree programmes.

The standard length of an MA degree programme is 2 – 3 years; the maximum time allowed is 5 years. Graduates who meet all requirements defined in the study plan – a total of 120 credits (or 180 in the case of a three-year course) – and pass the final master’s degree exam, including the defence of a diploma thesis, are awarded the academic title “Master” (abbreviated to Mgr. and used in front of the name).

For general information about the application process for BA and MA programmes please see our Admission procedure specifications – BA and MA programmes.

Special requirements
LOGIC – information about admission process full-time English 10 LOGIC – application

Explanatory notes:
* ENAA = Expected number of accepted applicants
** Applications for study at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University can be submitted only electronically via the Student Information System (SIS)!