The dissertation must contain original and published results or results approved for publication. The dissertation must be submitted not later than 6 months before the end of the longest possible period of study (8 years). The student must submit the dissertation in 3 hard copies. The electronic version of the dissertation must be submitted by the student via the SIS interface (for more information see Rules, Regulations and Forms, Provision of the Dean No. 21/2010 on rules applying to the registration, submission and publication of final works).

For instructions on submitting the PhD dissertation, please see this file.

D i s s e r t a t i o n

The title page must contain:

  • the label “Dissertation”

  • name of the university, faculty and institute / department / centre where the dissertation is being submitted

  • type of the degree programme and field of study

  • name of the author

  • the title of the work in Czech and English; if the work is written in a different language than Czech or English, also the name of dissertation in that other language

  • name of the adviser and, if applicable, of the consultant

  • the year of submission

The following page shall contain only the author’s declaration stating that the dissertation is an original work:

“I declare that the work in this dissertation has been carried out independently using only referenced and properly quoted sources and literature and that the work has not been used as a part of any other university study or submitted for any other degree.” (Followed by signature.)

The dissertation must contain an abstract in Czech and English. If the dissertation is in a language other than Czech or English, it must contain an abstract also in that language.

Theses: 10 bound copies (A4)

  • labelled as “Theses”

  • length up to 15 pages ( A4 format)

  • the name of the university, faculty, institute where the work is being submitted

  • type of degree programme, field of study

  • the name of the author of the work

  • the title of the work in Czech and English

  • the name of the adviser

  • the year of submission of the work.

  • the text of the theses including sources and literature

On separate sheets: 1x

  • Defence application ( signed)

  • C.V. (signed)

  • List of publications (signed)

  • Copy of protocol of final (State) doctoral exam

  • Advisor’s evaluation

  • Abstract in Czech and English

For more details on dissertation see Rules, Regulations and Forms, Sample title page and Forms Application for dissertation defence.