IFORUMENG-516-version1-_zm_imgp6893_fullThe unique position of the Faculty of Arts in the humanities in Central Europe has been earned both by its academic excellence and by the diversity of subjects pursued in more than 40 specialised institutes and departments. The Faculty currently employs about 700 members of academic staff. More than 600 students pursue full-time doctoral programmes and more than 1,100 are enrolled in the combined form. Members and students of the Faculty have received numerous awards for their outstanding research achievements.

20150217IMG_3871We strongly believe in a mutually beneficial, symbiotic relationship between research and teaching. Our lecturers, who follow the most recent trends in their disciplines and actively participate in research, are able to enthuse the students for the subject and share with them their hands-on experience. Students at the Faculty are also encouraged to participate in research projects: first working in projects lead by the lectures, later starting projects of their own. The Faculty strives to support its PhD students and young academics who secure the continuity and further development of the individual subjects.

One of the essential conditions for the advance of research is cooperation with other academic institutions in the Czech Republic and abroad. The Faculty has close research links with the Czech Academy of Sciences and other scientific bodies. The Faculty takes part in the Erasmus+ programme and various other schemes of international cooperation. Several departments participate in joint international programmes. The Faculty host numerous conferences and guest lectures every year. Events directed at the broader public, including courses for secondary and primary schools and third-age education, are another important part of our portfolio.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAll departments and institutes at the Faculty organize conferences and symposia, often with prestigious international participation: one of the plenary speakers at the 9th World Shakespeare Congress in 2011 was Professor Stanley Wells (University of Birmingham), plenary speakers at the 6th International Conference on Construction Grammar in 2010 included Professor Stefan Gries (University of California, Santa Barbara) and Professor Elizabeth Closs Traugott (Stanford University).

Recent guest speakers include Professor Andrej Zubov, Professor Timothy Snyder (Yale University), Professor Jack Copeland (University of Canterbury, New Zealand) and Professor John C. Lennox (University of Oxford).



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