PhD Programmes

PhD programmes are focused on research and independent creative activity in the respective field. PhD programmes at the Faculty of Arts are either full-time or part-time and the students follow an individual study plan under the guidance of a supervisor. There are usually no regular classes, with the exception of doctoral seminars. The progress of PhD students is assessed by the supervisor and by the so-called “subject area council”. Regular evaluation takes place once a year in September. The main aim of PhD programmes is a substantial doctoral dissertation which must be recommended by the student’s supervisor and two examiners/reviewers and defended in public before an examination board.

The standard length of study is 4 years, in some cases 3 years. On fulfillment of all obligations prescribed by the individual study plan, the candidates have to pass a final oral examination and defend a dissertation, demonstrating their competence and readiness to engage in independent research activities. The dissertation has to contain original and unpublished results research. Graduates are awarded the academic title “Doctor” (abbreviated to PhD and used after the name).

Details about Application and Admission for PhD programmes are HERE.