Campus Hybernská


Campus Hybernská is a joint project of the Prague City Hall and Charles University that aims to connect the general public and Prague culture projects with activities of the university and, chiefly, of the Faculty of Arts. The house in Hybernská 4 was for more than ten years abandoned and not used at all. This has changed in April 2017 when the first year of Diversity Week was held on the premises of the Campus – the event was organized by the Faculty of Arts, Charles University, together with more than ten partners organizing debates, concerts, exhibitions, and dancing lessons. In the following months, a group of teachers, artists, students, architects, and coffee lovers tried to revive the place, breathe a new life into it, and create a unique oasis of peace, culture, creativity, and education in the very centre of the city.

The Faculty of Arts, Charles University, has acquired a place where it can carry out the so-called third role of the university – to enrich and make more familiar not only other academics and students but also all inhabitants of Prague with the activities of the Faculty.

How? For example, by organizing literary festivals, screenings with commentaries, language courses, swaps of foreign-language books, or international conferences. The door is open also to the students and their clubs and societies. Within the object, there is a so-called Students Floor where currently reside fifteen student societies and a shared study room at their disposal along with a lecture room that can be used by the societies or PhD students for their lectures and seminars.

What else is in the Campus? Student-friendly café Hlína, screening room, bar, and several multipurpose halls (for lectures, conferences, or dancing lessons), galleries, Library of Things, and cosy courtyard with a communal garden.

What does Campus Hybernská offer to you as a teacher?

A place where you can organize conferences, hold book launches, less formal seminars and workshops, or Christmas and other events with the possibility to cross the standard academic formats and individual disciplines – to prepare exhibitions, a series of screenings, shoot films and audio-visual essays with students, or establish a student radio.

What does Campus Hybernská offer to you as a student?

If you are a member of a student society, you may use the shared offices and common rooms (a lecture hall and smaller workshop room). If you are not a member of a society but you are still interested in the student community life, you may organize events, enjoy the café with Eduroam and student prices between the lectures in Celetná and Sporck Palace, meet students from other departments and institutions, debate with teachers or the general public, try various organizational, art, or critique activities that cannot be held in another building of the Faculty.


Address: Hybernská 4, Prague 1 | Map

Email: info@kampushybernská.cz

Phone: +420 734 871 971

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