In the collections of our libraries, there are stored more than 1 million printed documents. High-quality and carefully picked collections encompass publications of all study programmes at CU FA. Physical documents along with the electronic information resources create the collection of CU FA Library.

Basic search tools for the collections:

Charles University Central Catalogue | It searches through the collections of all libraries at Charles University. Primarily, it is intended for printed (physical) documents. Document reservations and requests from the depository can be held in the Central Catalogue.

Suggestion: CU Central Catalogue is the most convenient tool when looking for a particular publication and you need to check whether some library has it and where it is deposited. (See upper-left corner for English)

UKAŽ Discovery Service | UKAŽ searches through all physical collections and almost all electronic resources available at Charles University.

Suggestion: Use UKAŽ when you are not sure what are you looking for. It may serve as a good start for your research.

eResource Portal | A structured comprehensive list of subscribed databases and other electronic resources. It serves as a default access point to electronic resources from the computers at the Faculty as well as remotely from home or dormitories.