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The Results of Student Evaluation of Summer Semester Courses Has Been Released

Thank you for 7,029 sent forms. The students sent 9,231 comments on courses and teachers, the teachers added 1,574 reactions. Take a look at the complete results.

Welcome Centre: A Crucial Hub for Foreign Staff

Charles University relocated student and employee services, CU Point, to Celetná 13 – a beautiful historic building that is a veritable pleasure to visit. It is a central hub for information services, including the CU Staff Welcome Centre, helping foreign researchers and academics with longer work stays.

Department of Germanic Studies Cooperates in the 4EU+ Alliance

The aim of the German Contrastive Linguistics Network is to connect research and learning activities of contrastive linguistics and to engage students of MA and PhD Germanic Studies who wish to perfect themselves in corpus linguistics.

Closure of Libraries due to Transition to a New Library System

In the week from 30 August to 3 September 2021, all CU FA libraries will be closed due to the transition to a new integrated library system of Charles University.

The Candidate for the Next Dean of CU FA Is Eva Lehečková

In the first round on 10 June 2021, CU FA Academic Senate elected a candidate for the Dean’s office, a philologian from the Institute of Czech Language and Theory of Communication at CU FA, Mgr. Eva Lehečková, Ph.D. In her favour voted 24 senators.

Young Academics from Abroad May Apply for up to a Two-Year Stay at CU FA through JUNIOR Fund

CU FA offers five projects in Classical Archaeology, Medieval Archaeology, Translation, Philosophy, Greek and Latin Studies in which you may participate from the new year. The deadline for applying is on 12 July 2021.

The Caucasus: A Crossroads of Civilisations

Stunning and varied landscapes, a region diverse in languages, home to numerous cultural traditions: all that and more are the Caucasus bridging Western Asia and Eastern Europe. The Caucasus and its republics have been the subject of extensive research by Faculty of Arts’ Associate Professor Petra Košťálová and Armenia especially has provided inspiration for a lifetime and her life’s work.

CU FA and the University in Padua Prepared a Virtual Meeting for Foreign Students of Czech Studies

It has become a tradition that the students of Czech Studies at the University of Padua visit Prague at the end of the academic year. The Faculty of Arts, Charles University, prepares for them cultural-educational programme as part of the international cooperation.

Support for Students in Difficult Situations

The Management of the Faculty of Arts, Charles University, is aware that extremely sensitive and potentially traumatizing experience with sexual harassment, pressure or violence requires a helping hand which takes into consideration the possibilities and demands of the victims.

CU FA Library Reminds the Users: Confirm the Electronic Application for CU Libraries

Regarding the transition to a new library system of Charles University, CU FA Library asks the users to confirm the electronic application for the services of Charles University libraries. The confirmation of the electronic application is simple and will not occupy you for longer than 3 minutes; instructions are below. Those user accounts, which will not have […]