International Autumn School of Finnish Studies in Prague


The aim of the project is to organise annual meetings of students and teachers of Finnish studies from four universities in three different countries. The meetings include lectures, conference papers, research projects presentations, and exchanges of experience. The event is also an opportunity to network and to discuss other forms of cooperation.

International Conference on Samuel Beckett and Technology


The international conference on Samuel Beckett and Technology, organised by the Centre for Irish Studies (Department of Anglophone Literatures and Cultures), was hold at the Faculty of Arts in Prague on 13 – 15 September 2018. The conference was attended by researchers from all over the world, including Canada, Japan, and Trinidad and Tobago.

President of India Visited Charles University


On Saturday 8 September 2018, the Indidan president Rám Náth Kóvind visited Charles University in Prague as part of his official visit to the Czech Republic. The president met with four Czech students of Indian Studies at the Faculty of Arts delivered short speeches in Bengali, Hindi, Sanskrit, and Tamil.

Global Meeting of Czech Studies Experts in Prague


59 experts in Czech Studies from the Czech Republic and from abroad have met in Prague to present the results of their work and exchange latest findings and experience, and to establish professional and personal contacts. Workshops introduced new electronic applications for teaching Czech as a foreign language.

Czech National Film Museum Finally Established Thanks to CUFA Students


Why does not Czech cinema have its own museum? Precious and diverse Czech film heritage has been hidden in archives and depositories for far too long. To address this situation, Adéla Mrázová and Terezie Křížkovská from the Department of Film Studies, CUFA, together with Jakub Jiřiště, alumnus of the same department, founded NaFilM (National Film Museum).