Enrolment in the Academic Year 2021/2022


The enrolment in the accredited programme Logic will take place individually by prior email arrangement with the officer Natália Přibylová.

If you cannot attend the enrolment personally, we recommend enrolling by proxy – those who enrol a student on their behalf must bring, besides the documents below, also filled in and signed power of attorney (editable PDF) – this power of attorney does not have to be legally authenticated.

Successful applicants, who cannot attend the regular or alternative term of enrolment personally or by proxy at the faculty on serious grounds, may apply for distance form of enrolment. The request for distance enrolment can be sent after 17 September; more detailed information is available below. Please note that the option of distance enrolment is possible only after you meet the last requirement for admission: submit the document of your previous education.

Accepted foreign applicants may use the Student Mode (i.e. the concept of visa facilitation for students-foreigners) and, therefore, accelerate access to the embassy for the visa procedure. For more information, please, contact Klára Kordíková or Natália Přibylová.


At the enrolment, the following documents must be produced or submitted:

  • Valid ID or passport
  • Authenticated copy of the document of the previous education
    • for BA studies, an authenticated copy of the secondary school-leaving certificate, graduates of a secondary school abroad also submit the recognition of secondary education – information about recognitions (nostrification), applicable only to admission procedure of the current academic year at Charles University, may be found here.
    • for follow-up MA studies, an authenticated copy of BA diploma if you have not graduated from the Faculty of Arts, Charles University (the graduates of BA studies at CU FA are visible to officers in SIS during the enrolment), alternatively original confirmation of BA studies graduation (if you do not have the diploma yet), the graduates of BA studies at foreign university also submit the confirmation of recognition of BA diploma – information about recognitions (nostrification), applicable only to admission procedure of the current academic year at Charles University, may be found here.
    • after the submission of the required documents, the enrolled student acquires the Decision of the Admission to Study; it cannot be given to the student before the faculty receives all required items. Please note that it is not recommended to leave the recognition of foreign education to the last minute – it is not possible to enrol the applicant for studies at the Faculty of Arts without submitted recognition of previous education.
  • Foreigners, who received the Czech personal identification number, also submit a copy of its document. The citizens from non-EU countries also submit a copy (authenticated copy not required) of a residence permit (visa or long-term residence). For solving the issues of residence in the Czech Republic, the foreign students may contact the student office at the Ministry of the Interior.
  • Filled in and signed student registration form
  • Signed Instructions Relating to Safety and Fire Protection
  • Signed Matriculation Oath
  • Filled in and signed Declaration of Previous Foreign Language Study (only for students enrolling in MA studies)

Please, read closely the information about the student ID cards.

Distance Enrolment

Information about Distance Form of Enrolment in the 1st Year

  • Distance form of enrolment is for those successful applicants who cannot attend the enrolment at the faculty on the given dates on serious grounds (illness, quarantine, unable to reach the Czech Republic from abroad due to COVID-19 restrictions).
  • You may attend the distance enrolment only if you allowed to receive the Decision on Admission electronically. (You could have granted the permission in the application.) If you want to give additional permission, write at prijimacky@ff.cuni.cz and request a change.
  • The request for distance enrolment can be sent after 17 September.
  • You may apply for the distance enrolment only after you meet the last requirement for admission: you must submit a document of your previous study by 12 October 2021. If you request the distance enrolment before you submit the document, we cannot activate your student status before we verify your previous education. Therefore, we recommend submitting the document of your previous education as soon as possible. It is best to meet the requirements by the time you may request for distance enrolment.

Submission of Previous Education for Distance Enrolment

The submission of your level of education is the same as for in-person enrolments, i.e.:

  • Send an authenticated copy of your previous education by post to your Student Affairs officer (the allocation of officers is here) at the address of the faculty (name of the officer, Studijní oddělení, Univerzita Karlova – Filozofická fakulta, nám. Jana Palacha 1/2, 116 38 Praha 1).
  • If you graduated from a foreign school, it is necessary to request recognition of foreign education. You may find more information about this procedure here. If your foreign education was already recognized at CU FA, consider this done.
  • If you graduated from CU FA but do not have your diploma yet, write to your future Student Affairs officer and we will verify your education in SIS for you.
  • If you graduated from another faculty or university and you do not have your diploma yet, send to your Student Affairs officer an original confirmation of your graduation by post which should be provided by the student affairs office at your previous university.

The Request for Distance Enrolment Submission and the Procedure

The following manual will guide you through the submission of the request for distance enrolment manual.

If you are accepted to more programmes, it is necessary to request distance enrolment under the application to the programme in which you wish to enrol. If you want or have to (in case of an obligatory double curriculum study) study a double curriculum study, submit the request for distance enrolment only under the application of the programme which should be the major curriculum of your studies. Please, write by hand on the generated student registration form also your minor curriculum programme (therefore, you do not have to make the same request for the minor curriculum). Similarly, we ask the students, whose programmes have specializations, which is predominantly elected at the enrolment in the first year, to also write the particular specialization on the registration form.

Besides the submission of your previous education and the student registration form, it is necessary to fill in, sign, and send the following documents:

Into the web application, please, upload these filled in and scanned obligatory documents: 1) student registration form, 2) Instructions Relating to Safety and Fire Protection, 3) Matriculation Oath, 4) Declaration of Previous Foreign Language Study. Please, bring all the above-mentioned documents to your student affairs officer during office hours when possible.

To check whether you have met the requirements – previous education and other requirements necessary for successful processing of the distance enrolment request (i.e. submit all above-mentioned documents via the web application) – click on the detail of your electronic application in “Progress” where the result will show up as “Accepted”.

Access to the Student Information System (SIS)

After the officer enrols you in your studies, you may request your login details for the Student Information System (SIS) which allows you to enrol in courses and much more. It may be also done remotely in the Public HelpDesk for Study Information System. As the query theme, choose “Distance enrolment – obtaining login”. You are obliged to acquire the student ID card in one of the Card Service Centres as soon as possible.