Information for Foreign Applicants

Accommodation in the dormitories of Charles University

  • Citizens of the Czech Republic and Slovakia apply on their own.
  • Citizens of other countries apply for accommodation through their assigned officer in the student affairs office; the applicant sends an e-mail to their study officer with the information stipulated below. The officer then requests accommodation from the reservation office of the dormitories of Charles University.
  • Surname
  • First name(s)
  • Nationality
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • E-mail address
  • Type of studies (Bc., Mgr.)
  • Visa requirements for the Czech Republic (yes – no)
  • Period of accommodation (from – to)
  • Any other comments/information
  • The reservation office of the dormitories of Charles University communicates directly with citizens of countries that do not have a visa requirement for the Czech Republic; applicants no longer need to arrange the accommodation through their study officer.

Additional information for applicants from countries with visa requirements for the Czech Republic

Enrolment for studying at the university

  • Applicants who are not able to enrol in person, may enrol by proxy. The person who is representing the student in this manner must have a power of attorney that they bring to enrolment (power of attorney form; the power of attorney does not need to be legally notarized).
  • Applicants who cannot attend enrolment in person and cannot enrol by proxy may contact the head of the student affairs office (
  • Applicants need to obtain a contract for accommodation in the dormitories of Charles University (more information above) and confirmation of studies at the Faculty of Arts from their study officer.
  • The contract can only be obtained from the study officer after the study officer informs the applicant by e-mail that the officer have already received the contract from the dormitories of Charles University. The confirmation of study can only be received after enrolment in studies (in some cases, applicants only need to present during the visa process confirmation that they have been accepted as a student at the university).
  • There are four ways to obtain the accommodation contract and confirmation of studies:
  • The applicant requests the study officer by e-mail to deliver the accommodation contract and study confirmation (least preferred manner).

 Student Mode

  • In the Czech Republic, it is possible to use the Student Mode, which facilitates the visa/residence process for selected foreigners accepted at universities in the Czech Republic.