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Changes during your studies 

Here you can find information about situations you may need to resolve during your studies: 

Interruption of studies  

You may request an interruption in your studies by using this form.

  • The interruption of studies is regulated by Article 6 of the Code of Study and Examination of Charles University. 
  • Ph.D. students are entitled to interrupt their studies. The request does not required the consent of the supervisor or the subject-area board. 
  • Studies are interrupted either until the end of the specific semester (i.e. the end of February or September) or up to the maximum study period. 
  • The interruption of studies commences on the day the decision on the interruption of studies comes into force. Therefore, we recommend submitting the request for interruption sufficiently in advance. 
  • The request cannot be submitted during the period of evaluation of the individual curriculum. 
  • On the day of the interruption of studies, the student loses student status, pursuant to the Act on Higher Education. 
  • The period during which studies are interrupted is included in the maximum study period. 
  • Upon return to your studies, you must submit the enrolment sheet at the PhD Studies Office. The enrolment sheet is generated in SIS, module Personal Data. 
  • If you return to your studies before the established term has elapsed, you will also need to submit a request to terminate the interruption of studies 

Interruption of studies due to pregnancy, birth, and parental care 

  • When interrupting studies due to pregnancy, birth, or parental care, the normal period of maternity or parental leave (i.e. up to three years) is not calculated into the maximum study period. 
  • Persons caring for a child who replace the care of parents may also apply based on a decision of the competent authority under the Civil Code or legislation governing state social support for the period of the student’s normal maternity or parental leave or when caring for a dependent. 
  • When interrupting your studies for this reason, you must submit along with the application a Request for a record of the recognized period of parental care. 
  • Interruption of studies due to pregnancy, birth, or parental care is otherwise the same as an ordinary interruption (see above). 

Interruption of studies for serious health-related reasons 

  • The request for interruption of studies for serious health-related reasons must be accompanied by a physician’s note containing the date of the anticipated end of convalescence. 
  • The period of illness for serious health-related reasons is not calculated into the maximum study period. 
  • Interruption of studies for serious health-related reasons is otherwise the same as an ordinary interruption (see above).

Termination of studies 

  • A student may terminated their studies at the Faculty of Arts at any time. 
  • A student’s studies is terminated using the form Declaration of termination of studies, which must be submitted to the faculty. 
  • Studies are terminated on the date of delivery of this notification.

Change in the form of studies  

Ph.D. studies are either full-time or part-time (combined). 

  • A student may request a change in the form of studies using the universal form for requests. A requirement for submitting the request is that, during the time of admission, both forms of study were open for the specific subject area. 
  • If the request for a change in the form from full-time to part-time is approved, the student is changed over to this form any time during the year. If it involves a change from part-time to full-time, the change in the form of study occurs at the beginning of the next academic year.

Request for a record of the recognized period of parental care 

  • This is regulated by Rector’s Directive no. 36/2018 
  • The recognized period of parental care for mothers of children commences the eighth week before the anticipated term of birth and ends when the child reaches the age of three. The recognized period of parental care for fathers of children commences upon the birth of the child and ends when the child reaches the age of three. 
  • The procedure is the same when a person replacing the parents cares for children based on a decision of the relevant authority. However, the recognized period of parental care in this case commences on the day this decision comes into force.  
  • The recognized period of parental care may only be evidenced based on the notification of the student using the Request for a record of the recognized period of parental care (see template here) 
  • The request must be accompanied by the pregnancy ID card (for women) or birth certificate. If the recognized period of parental care is evidenced with a copy of the pregnancy ID card, a copy of the child’s birth certificate must be submitted within 22 weeks of the birth of the child. 
  • The maximum period of study does not include the recognized period of parental care, which commences from the date of delivery of the notice of the recognized period of parental care. 
  • This request is required for interruption of studies due to pregnancy, birth, and parental care. 




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