Enrolment to the 1st year of studies

Information for Ph.D. students admitted for studies in the 2023/2024 academic year   


ENROLMENT DATE for supplementary admissions procedure:

Wednesday, 27 September 2023, from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. 

during the office hours of the PhD Studies Office.

You will get more information about the enrolment by e-mail in time.


Organization of enrolment: 

  • Ph.D. students admitted to studies are informed of the organization of enrolment sufficiently in advance by e-mail. 
  • Students who cannot attend enrolment in person due to serious reasons can arrange an individual enrolment term (always during the office hours of the PhD Studies Office, after agreeing in advance by e-mail or phone with the study officer). 
  • Enrolment may also be made by proxy on behalf of the student based on a power of attorney prepared for this purpose. The power of attorney does not need to be certified. However, you must state the purpose of the power of attorney, i.e. “representation relating to enrolment for studies at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University”. PDF form to be completed. 

You must submit the following documents for enrolment: 

  • Valid ID card (Czech students and students from EU countries) / passport (students out of EU countries)
  • A decision on admission to studies (you do not have to bring it but it must be delivered to you before the enrolment by post or electronically)
  • Signed Notice relating to safety and fire protection
  • Signed matriculation oath

If all required documents are not submitted, enrolment cannot be completed. 

During enrolment, students will receive: 

  • Confirmation of studies

After enrolment, students are required to: 

  • Pick up their student ID card at one of the Charles University card service centres  
  • Activate their account in the computer system and log in to the Student Information System – SIS (graduates of the Faculty of Arts will still have access under the current access data until the date of expiration). 

Useful information: 

ISIC/Student ID 

The Charles University student card confirms your affiliation to the university. After enrolment, the student will pick up the student ID card at one of Charles University’s card service centres. 

The student ID card can be used for the Prague public transportation system and also serves as a card for using copy machines at Charles University. More information on printing and copying services at the Faculty of Arts can be found here. More information on IDs can be found on Charles University’s website. 

Activating student accounts 

Student accounts are administered in the Central Authentication Service (CAS) of Charles University. Students set their password in this system for access to CAS and contact information. The password and username of the student may then be used as access data for many Charles University applications and libraries. The personal ID number is an important piece of data that is assigned to students at the beginning of their studies and serves as an identifier. The student number is also specified on the student ID card. After enrolment, each student is required to activate their account in the computer network and to log in to the Student Information System – SIS (graduates of the Faculty of Arts will still have access under the current access data until the date of expiration). 

PhD Studies Office and your study officer 

Contacts for the study officers at the PhD Studies Office can be found here. 

Supervisor and subject-area board 

Ph.D. studies take place under the guidance of a supervisor or with the support of a professional advisor. The subject-area board monitors and evaluates your studies. 

Introductory seminars and events

Most subject areas for Ph.D. studies organize meetings with first-year students. Thus, we recommend having a look at the web pages of your department or institute that organizes your subject area. The Rector’s Office of Charles University regularly organizes Orientation week for PhD first-year students. 



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