Student User Accounts

To gain access to the computer network and the Student Information System, it is necessary to pick up the student card in one of the Card Service Centres.

When your student card is issued, you receive an initial username and password for the Charles University Central Authentication Service (CAS UK). Although the initial password does not allow you to access applications, it allows you to set up your own verified password, by which you may access the computer networks, SIS, and other applications that use CAS UK.

The initial password you received at the Centre has to be changed in 5 days since the day it was issued on CAS UK website:, in the section “Change password for the Central Authentication Service.” This changed password is used for the CU FA computer network, Student Information System (SIS), and other applications, except for EDUROAM Wi-Fi.

The password is valid for 12 months since it was last changed. You may change the password anywhere on the CAS UK website,, before it expires. You will be notified by email (at the address you have entered in CAS UK) when the date of expiration approaches. The password can be changed only in CAS UK,, and nowhere else.

The 1st year students, who have previously studied at FA, still have the same account. The username or password does not change; if you have lost or forgotten the details, please, proceed as follows below.

If you have forgotten your password during your studies, you may activate, reset, or change it by the following methods:

  • Verified password: In one of the Card Service Centres of CU, you may request the staff to generate a new initial CAS password. This password must be changed in 5 days since it was issued on the CAS UK website:, in the section “Change password for the Central Authentication Service.”
  • Unverified password: The password can be reset only via the website under the section “Obtain new password or reset forgotten password.” Fill in the necessary personal details and enter your password in the form. If the entered personal details agree with the ones in the system, a link will be sent to your email directing you to a page where you will be asked to confirm the password. This confirmed unverified password will be set for CAS UK and it will be possible to sign in with it in SIS. Warning! Thus set password is not considered as reliable and you will not be granted access to some applications. The unverified password can be verified in the Card Service Centres of CU.

If you have any problem with the setting of the password, on the website, there is a link in the menu, “Solve problem with Central Authentication Service,” with a form for reporting these issues.

At CU FA, the students and staff have only one username (login), e.g., “novakj.” This username is provided to the students by the means described above. In the intern systems, it is entered in its universal form, i.e., “novakj.” The students can access with it, for example, PCs in PC labs at the faculty or to SIS.

To access Microsoft (e.g., Teams), the username is entered with the domain, i.e., These are the only usernames provided to all students and staff. The password is the same for all systems (except for EDUROAM Wi-Fi, which is different for security reasons).

The Rectorate of Charles University sets up user accounts for all students, “”. All users have their ID number printed on their student cards, or it can be found in CAS ( These accounts use the universal password set up in CAS (

CU FA does not manage nor has access to these accounts, they are fully administered by the Rectorate of Charles University. The Rectorate offers its support related to these accounts via this form.

You may log in with these accounts to the Rectorate mailbox or in Rectorate Teams and other systems. These systems are entirely independent of CU FA and not in any way connected with CU FA systems or used at CU FA.

Besides the above-mentioned user accounts, the students (and staff) may have user accounts in other non-faculty systems – e.g., Rectorate or systems of other faculties if they are anyhow involved in them. However, they are not administered by CU FA nor has any access to them. If you have any problem with these accounts, contact their provider.


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