CfP: Urban Language Research 2018

Urban Language Research 2018

Variation – Contact – Perception

An International Conference at the University of Graz

31 October – 03 November

Plenary speakers:

David Britain, Barbara Johnstone, Paul Kerswill, Sali A. Tagliamonte, Evelyn Ziegler

In modern variationist and sociolinguistic studies, analyses of the repertoires of speakers in urban areas and the linguistic varieties and variants constituting these repertoires have advanced to the centre of research interest. A reason for this interest lies in the fact that the city, as a complex socio-cultural phenomenon, represents a space of complex linguistic variance and, thus, seems suitable for investigating processes of linguistic change ‘in vivo’. In particular, as the city represents a place of communication marked by internal and external multilingualism, it can show a wider range of variation in comparison to smaller places of rural character. Due to their role as economic and administrative centres, cities can be places of considerable linguistic homogenization and koinéisation, resulting in new urban varieties which in turn can influence the regional surroundings (agglomeration areas). In consideration of this complexity, methods and techniques of modern urban language research are diverse. They range from two-dimensional variation studies, assuming areal as well as social variation, to ethno-methodological, interactional and perceptual studies.

Language variability in urban communication, its dynamics in connection with social change against the background of internal and external multilingualism, and recurring routines are the central aspects of research which will be dealt with at the international conference ‘Urban Language Research. Variation – Contact – Perception’ held at the University of Graz, Austria. Contributions (papers and posters) from all areas of urban language research are welcome. Conference languages are English and German. Subsequent to the conference a peer reviewed publication of results is planned. The focus of the conference will be, among others, on the following topics:

  • Language variation and change
  • Language in discourse and interaction
  • Language perception and attitudes
  • Research methods and techniques
  • Theoretical approaches and models of urban linguistic spaces
  • Distinctions between urban and rural language use
  • Language and mobility – the role of migration and commuting in urban space
  • Linguistic landscapes
  • Constructing social identities in urban areas
  • Internal and external multilingualism – language contact in the city

The presentations are limited to 20 minutes with subsequent discussion.

The abstracts should not exceed 350 words (excluding references) and can be submitted via “ConfTool” on

Important dates:

Abstract submission: 30 Oct 2017 – 31 Jan 2018

Notification of acceptance: 15 Feb 2018

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