Scholarships under International Agreements (Government)

International Relations Office
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General information about scholarships under International Agreements (Government)


Exchange programme organized by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic based on agreements with governments of various countries of the world.

Currently there are nearly 40 active intergovernmental agreements, through which reciprocal stipend programmes are available to students and academic staff. Exchanges for the Faculty of Arts of Charles University are overseen by the Centre for International Services.

For more information about scholarships for the academic year 2015/2016 please see the website of Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

Programme requirements, number of available places and other rules are dependent on the specific country. Students should contact the appropriate Ministry and/or Czech Embassy in their home country for information on how to apply for this programme.

Students who are successful in receiving the nomination from the competent authority in their home country will have their application forwarded to the Faculty of Arts by the Centre for International Studies. The International Office of CU FA will then forward the application to the corresponding academic department.


Before Arrival

If the academic department agrees to accept the student, Faculty of Arts International Relations Office issues a Letter of Acceptance.

If the student requested housing in the original application form, IRO arranges an accomodation at Charles University Halls of Residence. For more information about housing, please go to the CU dormitories website.

* Visa requirements

Please consult the visa requirements for your country here and learn some recommendations here.

After arrival

Official Registration

You need to register at the International Relations Office (128) once you arrive, anytime within the office hours. Bring your passport or ID, a photo and the Letter of Acceptance to the registration meeting.

Foreign Police

Please consult the relevant information and registration obligations here.

Student ID Card and Book of Academic Records (Index)

Each international exchange student must get an ID card (free of charge). The ID contains the most important information about a student. The card is valid for the period of the student’s mobility. A Faculty of Arts coupon valid for the current academic year will be given to each student on the registration meeting.

Make sure that you get a book of academic records (Index)at registration and record properly all the courses you attend (course code, course name, name of the instructor).

Course Selection

International exchange students should contact an academic coordinator fromthe corresponding institute or department (usually quoted on the letter of acceptance) in order to discuss courses to attend. Institutes and departments publish the term course schedules on their websites or on the secretariat boards.

Once you have selected courses for a semester, you should proceed with signing them up in the Student Information System.




“Government” students entitled to a stipend receive 9000,- CZK/month when studying at bachelor or master level, and 9500,- CZK/month at Ph.D. level. Direct exchange students entitled to a stipend receive 1500,- CZK/month. The amount of a stipend, if applicable, is stated on the acceptance letter.

Scholarships are disbursed at the faculty cash desk (pokladna), room 123, 1st floor within the office hours. “Government” scholarships are available during the 1st week of each month and direct exchange scholarships every 12th day in a month. Students who do not pick up the amount within the current month must inform the International Office about the reasons, or risk losing the right to have it transferred to the next month.


Before Departure

Transcript of Records

By the end of each semester all course results and ECTS credits awarded must be recorded in your book of academic records. Students may ask for an official document, Transcript of Records, at least one week before their departure.


contact person: Mgr. Renata Jamin