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General information about Visegrad Fund exchange

The International Visegrad Fund was founded on June 9, 2000 in Bratislava as an international organization of the governments of the Visegrad Four nations (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia).


The purpose of the fund is to facilitate development and closer cooperation between these nations. It is meant to support cultural, scientific and educational projects, the travel of young people as well as tourist journeys. Individual support is centered on various stipend programs (support for studies in these countries, support for students from, for example, Albania, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Macedonia, etc.).

For more detailed information please see the webpage of the Visegrad Fund.

Before arrival

* The Visegrad Fund is based out of Bratislava, Slovakia. Students can apply for a Visegrad Fund scholarship there. If a student is nominated for the scholarship by the Visegrad Fund, the Visegrad Fund office in Bratislava will send a Nomination Letter to the International Office of the Faculty of Arts, Charles University.

* The application is then processed by the International Office of the Faculty of Arts, who will send it the appropriate academic department for their acceptance.


* If the academic department agrees to accept the student, the International Office of the Faculty of Arts will send an ACCEPTANCE LETTER acknowledging the acceptance of the student.


* Visegrad staff prepare an individual contract for each student, in which the amount of the stipend is written (contract must be signed by Faculty of Arts, Charles University). The contract is sent directly to the International Office, or it is brought by the student to the International Office when they arrive.

* The student‘s stipend is paid by the Visegrad Fund directly to the student’s bank account.


International Visegrad Fund

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