Study-Related Fees

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Degree Programmes in Czech

  • Courses taught in Czech are free of charge with the exception of fees payable for “longer” and “further” studies. Fees must be paid when:
  1. a student has been enrolled in a bachelor’s or following two-year master’s degree programme for a longer period than the standard duration of study plus one year (in the bachelor’s programme fees are payable from the fifth year onwards, in the following master’s programme from the fourth year in the case of the two-year programmes, or from the fifth year in the case of three-year programmes); the time spent studying any previous uncompleted university course is included into the calculation;
  2. a student is enrolled in a further degree programme while having completed and graduated from a previous degree programme; this previous graduation shortens the time of study of the current programme that can be studied free of charge to the standard duration of the relevant degree programme (i.e. without prolongation).

Degree Programmes in Foreign Languages

The amount of the fees for degree programmes in foreign languages is governed by the Dean’s Provision. For up-to-date information about fees, see the list of currently available MA programmes and PhD programmes.

Non-Degree Programmes

  • East and Central European Studies: for tuition fee of East and Central European Studies – an interdisciplinary program designed specifically for international undergraduate students who want to study in Prague for one or two semesters – see the ECES web page.
  • Czech Studies Programme: for tuition fee of Czech Studies program – an eight-month comprehensive program for everyone interested in Czech language and culture – see the Czech Studies program web page.
  • Lifelong Learning: the Faculty charges fees for lifelong learning courses. The amount charged will depend on the length of the course and the specialised content as well as on the type of teaching staff support. For more information contact the Centre for Lifelong Learning.