Foreign Police

International Relations Office
náměstí Jana Palacha 2
116 38 Praha 1
Rooms 103 a 128

Registration with Foreign Police

All EU or EFTA students are legally obliged to register with the Foreign Police within 30 days of their arrival to the Czech Republic, if their intended stay will be longer than 30 days (§ 93, Law No. 326/1999). All citizens from third countries have to register within 3 days. To register, a student must fill in the Registration Card form. The Foreign Police has responsibility for dealing with:

  • your reporting of your place of residence in the Czech Republic within the given statutory period
  • the verification of an invitation
  • the issuing of short-term residence certificates or certificates certifying a legitimate right of residence in the Czech Republic (e. g. for marriage)
  • extensions to stays in the Czech Republic should you hold a short-term visa
  • checks on the legitimacy of stays in the Czech Republic

When registering with the Foreign Police, students must present completed form of the Registration Card, a travel document and evidence of health insurance (e.g. European Health Insurance Card). If you are housed in Charles University Hall of Residence and intend to stay there for the full time of your studies at CU, you don´t have to report your presence to the Foreign Police unless you need a confirmation of your registration. The accommodation office of your Hall of Residence will register you.


CR Foreign Police Office (Oddělení pobytových agend cizinecké policie ČR)
Address: Olšanská 2, 130 51 Praha 3
Phone: 974 820 317
Fax: 974 820 783
Office hours: Monday: 7.30 – 18.00; Tuesday: 7.30 – 15.00; Wednesday: 7.30 – 18.00; Thursday: 7.30 – 16.00; Friday: 8.00 – 12.00