Calendar: Workshop

Late-Ottoman Identities: the National, Transnational, and Marginal (Workshop)

The annual “Identities in the Middle East Workshop,” organized and hosted by the Institute of Near Eastern and African Studies at Charles University, will be inaugurated with a two day deliberation on late-Ottoman identities. The aim of the workshop is for participants to gain a profound awareness of the conceptualizations and manifestations of individual, communal, […]

Prague Workshop on Bilingualism

The Prague workshop on bilingualism flags the start of a 3 year collaboration between the University of Cambridge and Charles University on the study of bilingualism. The project will be funded by the Primus grant and will involve scholars from Cambridge and Prague. The primary focus of the project will be the acquisition of syntax […]

Ulkomaisen fennistiikan syyskoulu Praha 2018 / International Autumn School of Finnish Studies Prague 2018

The International Autumn School of Finnish Studies Prague 2018 is part of a four-year cooperative project run by departments and centers for Finnish studies at universities in Warsaw, Greifswald, Cologne, and the Faculty of Arts in Prague. The project has achieved financial support of the Finnish state organisation Opetushallitus, which is part of the Finnish […]