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Current events

3rd World Congress of Scottish Literatures

The Department of Anglophone Literatures and Cultures at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University, will hold the prestigious 3rd World Congress of Scottish Literatures. More information to be added in due time.

Past events

Reflections on Non-Belief: Typology or Spectrum

Grace Davie is a professor of sociology at the University of Exeter, the United Kingdom. Her research interests lie in the sociology of religion, with a particular emphasis on patterns of religion in Europe. She is also interested in the new theoretical paradigms that are emerging in the field – not least the notion of “multiple modernities.” […]

Carolinum Guided Tour

Are you studying at one of the faculties at Charles University? And do you want to see and learn more about where it all started? You are welcome to join us for a sightseeing guided tour through Carolinum – the historical building of Charles University in the centre of Prague. Do not miss this unique opportunity […]

Lecture by John Tolan: The Basel Qur’an, 15th–16th centuries

The lecture is part of the conference “Conflict after Compromise: Regulating Tensions in Multi-Confessional Societies in the Fifteenth Century” taking place on 11-12 November in Academic Conference Center (Husova 4a, 110 00, Prague). You may find more information about the conference here.

International Conference “30 Years of Integration: Success Stories, Challenges and Unused Opportunities”

The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Tallinn invites all interested to a conference on integration that is to be held on 11 and 12 November 2021 in Estonian Tallinn. The Conference is intended for researchers, students, politicians, and representatives of the general public who are interested in the issue of integration. The aim of the […]

Lecture: Denmark, World War II and the Holocaust Memory

The Section for Scandinavian Studies at the Department of Germanic Studies would like to invite you to a special lecture of Danish historian, Prof Therkela Strædeho, from Odense University. The lecturer has been researching the fate of Danish Jews imprisoned in Terezín concentration camp for a long time.

Randall Auxier: Passing the Time: The Bodily Experience of the Movies (lecture)

Susanne Langer said that the primary semblance of movies as an art form is that it is like dreaming. But in this case, someone else dreams for us, and our immobility in the theater chair, in the dark, simulating the sleep state, is the beginning of an education of eye and ear in which our […]

Workshop: Early Modern Theatre: Creativity and Fiction

KREAS / Creative Laboratory and Department of Anglophone Literatures and Cultures are pleased to invite you to an international workshop organized in cooperation with the Central European University: “Early Modern Theatre: Creativity and Fiction”. Programme: Dr Matthias Riedl: “Creativity and Performativity in the Early Reformation Period” Dr Sam Gilchrist Hall: “‘A Notable Foundation of Hearsay’: […]

Prof Stephan Sander-Faes (Zürich-Bergen): „Metamorphosen: Herrschaft, Steuern und Verwaltung im nachweißenbergischen Böhmen“

The lecture is to be delivered on the dynamics of taxation and the formation of administration in Bohemian lands in the 17th century. The main focus is the transformation of the everyday administration life in the early modern period in Bohemia, especially on the mutual dependency of locals vs. central or social vs. political representatives […]

One Biography, Multiple Places: The Life and Work of Shmuel Hugo Bergmann Between Prague and Jerusalem (1883–1975)

The conference will bring together scholars from various parts of Europe and Israel who are currently studying different aspects of the multiple activities and thought of Shmuel Hugo Bergmann (Prague 1883 — Jerusalem 1975). It will also offer a venue to establish a transnational network to discuss how to stimulate further research on Bergmann and enhance the […]

Lecture by Thomas Hylland Eriksen: On the Future of Cultural and Biological Diversity in Anthropocene

The Institute of Ethnology at CU FA and the Czech Association for Social Anthropology invites all interested in social and cultural anthropology to a public lecture by Prof Thomas Hylland Eriksen (University of Oslo) called The Future of Diversity in the Anthropocene: Globalisation, Nature, and Culture The event is supported by EEA and Norway grants project (EHP-CZ-MOP-2-014).