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The New Academic Year in Kampus Hybernská

On Monday, 2 October 2023, there will be concerts, science stand-ups, FameLab competition, an exhibition opening, Didaktikon Open Day, and more. The programme starts at 4 pm and will go on until midnight. Programme: Stage 1: Front Yard 5 pm: Ondřej Hrách (Aignos) – live composing of Kampus Hybernská’s anthem using artificial intelligence 5:45–6:25 pm: Opening […]

Reflections of the Hellenic Sun

“Reflections of the Hellenic Sun” will illuminate the HYB4 Gallery on the Hybernská Kampus through the casts of classical sculptures. Since the Renaissance, plaster copies of ancient works of art were highly estimated collectables and at the same time reflected a deeper and more general interest in classical culture. The grand opening is to be held […]

Prague Microfestival

Prague Microfestival (PMF) is an annual festival of art connecting contemporary experimental literary production with visual arts, film, and live performance. PMF is fully bilingual (CS and EN) and aims to present authorial readings of the best contemporary authors of experimental poetry and prose. Every year, PMF welcomes renowned and underground authors from the whole […]

Exhibition: The Lipnice Bible 1421-2021

The exhibition of the Lipnice Bible was prepared by students of doc. Lucie Doležalová from the Institute of Greek and Latin Studies at CU FA. The exhibition takes place in the castele in Lipnice nad Sázavou for the whole summer. In September, it moves to Klementinum Mirror Chapel in September. PhD student of the Institute […]

Brno Art Week 2021 / Curating Online

The current pandemic situation forces us to think more intensively about the presentation and distribution of art into new, not yet fully explored spheres of the virtual, networked environment. Within this context of changes in art production, distribution and display, we aim to contemplate transformations in the role of a curator having to think about the […]

Guided Tour | Arthur Jafa | Galerie Rudolfinum

How can visual media, such as objects, static and moving images, transmit the equivalent ‘power, beauty and alienation’ of Black music in US culture? What it means to be a part of a complex landscape of Black representation? Join us for the guided tour of Arthur Jafa’s exhibition on Thursday 21 March 2019 at 18:00. Admission to […]

Doors Open Day 2018

On Saturday 13 January, the annual Doors Open Day is going to be held at the main building of the Faculty of Arts (Jan Palach Square). The programme includes: presentations of individual BA and MA programmes, student café, presentation of various student clubs and association, and a book exhibition by CUFA Press. All welcome!

“…and the Word Became Music”: Virtual Exhibition

The virtual exhibition “…and the Word became Music” invites you to the world of books made many centuries ago to record the musical ideas of the people of that era. Music is what connects us with the world of our ancestors living during the Middle Ages and the Early Modern period. Do not miss this […]

Performance Philosophy 2017: Project Golem – Uncanny Acts of Creation between Art, Philosophy and Technology

  Inspired by the legend of the Golem of Prague as created by Rabbi Loew with divine help and Kabbalistic formulas in 16th century, five scholars and three artists unfold a philosophical performance that includes reflections on both the creation of artificial beings and human beings as artificial, mastering the environment and forming it artistically. Creating […]

Peru’s New Chronicle and Good Governance by Felipe Guaman Poma de Ayala

The Embassy of Peru and Charles University, Faculty of Arts, are pleased to present an exhibition of 32 posters, with drawings by the indigenous chronicler Guaman Poma de Ayala (1535-1616), who toured the ancient Inca Empire.