Prague Microfestival

Prague Microfestival (PMF) is an annual festival of art connecting contemporary experimental literary production with visual arts, film, and live performance.

PMF is fully bilingual (CS and EN) and aims to present authorial readings of the best contemporary authors of experimental poetry and prose. Every year, PMF welcomes renowned and underground authors from the whole world who – accompanied by film projection, music, live performance and visual arts – produce a rich polylogue of art-forms. This year, the Microfestival features several online-readings of authors from the whole world, present readings of guests from the Central Europe and the Czech Republic, several live performances, music performances, and exhibitions. The Microfestival also offers international critical colloquium \ “FuturoGunk\” contemplating about futurism and the future of Europe.

Event detail

Event start
8. 10. 2021 17:00
Konec události
10. 10. 2021 22:00
Punctum, Krásova 27, Prague 3
Organizing Institution
Sdružení pro Prahu literární
Event type
Exhibition, Festival, Lecture, Social event