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Philosophical Café | Afternoon with the Department of Philosophy (the first English edition)

TO AND FRO: Physics and Modern Applications of Rationality In the first international Philosophical Café we will welcome three researchers from the Formal Epistemology Centre directed by prof. Ladislav Kvasz, namely Joan Bertran-San Millán, Vera Matarese and Aldo Filomeno and explore some interrelations between logic, the theory of knowledge and the empirical evidence provided by […]

Political Role of Universities?

The Centre for Political Philosophy, Ethics and Religion cordially invites everyone interested to a high-profile academic discussion on the topic “Political Role of Universities?”. Our speakers will be: Louise Richardson, vice-chancellor of Oxford University Péter Balázs, Director of the Center for European Neighborhood Studies, CEU Stefan Collini, professor of intellectual history at Cambridge University Tomáš […]

Presentation of the Boris Nemtsov Academic Centre for the Study of Russia (CUFA)

The Department of East European Studies, CUFA, cordially invities you to the presentation of the Boris Nemtsov Academic Centre for the Study of Russia, CUFA. For more information about the programme, visit the DEES website.  

Women in Professional and Public Life in Islamic World

New York University in Prague and the Department of Near Eastern and African Studies, CUFA, cordially invite you to a panel discussion Women in Professional and Public Life in Islamic World on Friday, 2nd February 2018, 1 pm – 3 pm at New York University in Prague (Address: Malé náměstí 11 – Richtrův dům, Prague 1, 2nd […]

Iranian Document Screening and Discussion with Directors (Behtash Sanaeeha and Maryam Moghaddam)

A special screening of the Iranian documentary film, Diplomasi e Shekastnapazir e Aghaye Naderi (Invincible Diplomacy of Mr Naderi), followed by a discussion with the directors,  Behtash Sanaeeha,  and Maryam Moghaddam. Mr. Naderi, a Tehran-based entrepreneur, has all money can buy except his biggest dream – that all wars come to an end, namely the one between […]

Blames and Flames, Wedding: A Film – Screening of Two Iranian Films and Discussion with the Director

A special screening of two Iranian documentary films (Wedding: A Film and Blames and Flames) followed by a discussion with the director Mohammadreza Farzad. Wedding: A Film A personal, poetic essay in which Mohammadreza Farzad tries to understand the institution and concept of marriage. He plays his own wedding video over and over again to […]

Romanticism, nationalism and nationhood: Literary perspectives on politics

Centre for Political Philosophy, Ethics and Religion Faculty of Arts, Charles University, cordially invites you to round-table debate Romanticism, nationalism and nationhood: Literary perspectives on politics. Our speakers are Sir Drummond Bone (Professor of English Literature and Master of Balliol College, Oxford) and Martin Hilský (Professor of English Literature, Charles University) The debate is chaired […]

IV. Israeli Week at Charles University

Monday 24/10 16:30-16:50 Future Prospects of Israel Studies in Europe Joanna Dyduch (University of Wrocław; European Association of Israel Studies) IN ENGLISH 17:00 Opening: Tomáš Zima (Rector, Charles University) and Gary Koren (Ambassador of Israel to the Czech Republic) 17:10-18:10 Opening Lecture: The Palestinian-Arab Minority in Israel: Between Integration and Alienation* Elie Rekhess (Northwestern University) IN ENGLISH Chair: Zbyněk Tarant […]

Prof. Pier Luigi Sacco: Digital Humanities and the Future of Universities

What is digital humanities? How is this area linked with the current concept of universities? And what is, in this context, Culture 3.0? Both the CUFA academic community and general public are invited to this lecture and subsequent discussion. The event will take place in English (without interpreting). Moderated by Mgr. Josef Šlerka. Pier Luigi […]

Uzbekistan – a country without hope?

A debate with an Uzbek political scientist and dissenter Abdusami Rakhmonov during Festival of Democracy in Forum 2000. Presented by Petra Procházková. The event shall be interpreted from Russian into English. ____________________________ Uzbekistan of today can no longer be described as tourist’s haven for adventurous escapes into ancient Arab cities, the historical sites along the […]