Integration Course Welcome to the Czech Republic

We would like to invite all international full-degree students to the ONLINE integration course WELCOME TO THE CZECH REPUBLIC (for non-EU students only).

The course will provide you with important information for your stay in the Czech Republic – especially during the first months upon your arrival. You may ask questions concerning your residence legislation, visas, employment, housing, health insurance etc. The course is financed by the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic and is intended for newly arrived foreigners from non-EU countries. Due to the current situation and protective measures, the course is going to take place online. Read more information about the course here.

The course is going to take place online and it will be held in English. It starts at 1pm and will last about 4 hours. The course is tailored for students’ needs.

The topics of the course will be based on your needs (preliminary schedule is the following):

  • Residence legislation: visas, long-term residence permit, permanent residence permit, citizenship, travel in the EU/Schengen area, invitation to family and friends, conditions for study

  • Education: Czech educational system, Czech language courses

  • Employment: employee card, types of work contracts, how to look for a job, taxes, health and social insurance, students and employment

  • Business: starting a business license in the Czech Republice, residence legislation and running a business

  • Healthcare, health and social insurance: healthcare system in the Czech Republic, public and private health insurance

  • Housing: renting a flat, searching for a flat, housing contracts, fees related to rental and services, housing and residence legislation

  • Everyday practical life: emergencies, transportation, driving license, post office, official correspondence etc.

  • About the Czech Republic: Czech public holidays, customs and traditions, basic cultural overview, interesting sights and leisure time activities

  • Important contacts: Ministry of the Interior, Foreign Police Service, integration centres and non-profit non-governmental organizations

You may find more information on the OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF THE EVENT

Event detail

Event start
4. 11. 2021 13:00
Konec události
14. 11. 2021 17:00
Organizing Institution
Mgr. Marie Salovaara
Event type
Course, Seminar, Workshop