PRS: Association of Prague Religious Studies

308843_212613018809206_254504442_nThe main aim of our association (founded in 2010) is to bring new and advanced students of religious studies together in informal settings in order to enable exchange of ideas and opinions. This is partly to foster certain openness, as well as to encourage dialogue in our field of study that has a tendency toward fragmentation. Among the activities we organise regularly are the (English speakers friendly) Religious Studies Film Club (conceived as an opportunity to further the cinematic and ethnographic horizons of the participants and to foster a dialogue with visual culture), student seminars (as a platform where students can learn to present their ideas and research in a semi-public environment and without the pressure of evaluation), day trips and weekend stays in the countryside. The latter are modeled on various rituals and offer the possibility to reflect on relationships between textuality and lived culture. We are additionally active in promoting education about religious topic among the wider public. The association is happy to serve as a means of organizing an encounter and dialogue with all those who share similar interests with us.