SOCKA: Society of the Students of Sociology

We are a student group aiming to establish a smooth connection between students and teachers at the Department of Sociology. We organize regular events that are designed to create an informal space where we can meet outside the lectures. Every month we organize ‘Socinema’, which is a series of film screenings followed by a discussion with an invited expert from our department and after, we have a conversation in a pub. Each year, we also throw a Christmas party for all students, teachers and absolvents of our department, where we can all meet in a more informal setting. We usually play sociologically-infused games and often look and talk about sociology from a different (not serious) angle. We also co-organize a sociological ball with our friends from Faculty of Social Sciences and their student association Miroslava, that takes place every spring. For foreign students, we offer induction events, as well as university and city tours.