Shakespeare Production

Shakespeare Production is a student ensemble that each year produces a different play by William Shakespeare. Every play is preformed in the original unambridged version by non-native actors.

Shakespeare Production (also known as Charles University Workshop Production) was formed in 1993. The group has been performing Shakespeare’s plays under the direction of the founder John Martlew. The audience has thus a perfect opportunity – rather rare in the Czech Republic – to experience the original language and poetics of the play. Our members are actively involved in all theatre activities including organisation, costumes, properties design and prompting.

This group was created to give young non-native students of English language (or other studies) a chance to perform at a real stage in the theatre in English and to act in a play by one of the greatest playwrights of all times.

This project gave rise to more Prague groups performing in English, namely Teatris of which many members first appeared on stage performing one of the Shakespeare plays with us.

If you are interested to take a part in the ensamble, do not hesitate and write Václav Kyllar ( Only non-native students are accepted for the roles, but help with costumes and design is always welcomed by anyone.

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