WRILAB2: International Conference and Workshop

The motivation behind Wrilab2 lies in the consideration that the countries involved in our project, Austria, Italy, the Czech Republic, Germany and Slovenia are countries whose people have closely cooperated with one another culturally and economically for a long time. With the creation of the EU, such endeavours have now become even stronger.

Indeed, there is a general awareness that mutual knowledge and cooperation have a positive influence on the development of individual countries as well as of the region as a whole.

We are convinced that language teaching can contribute to strengthen the mutual cooperation among our neighbouring countries. In order to achieve this goal however, we need to promote teaching tools, methods and activities that will enable students to reach a linguistic competence well beyond mere survival language, harnessing an understanding of the in-depth social and cultural aspects of neighbouring country languages. From this perspective, teaching to write with proficiency in a Foreign or Second Language (L2), both at a personal and professional level, is of the utmost importance, helping to raise the level of intercultural awareness.

In light of the importance of L2 writing ability in education, we have decided to team up to develop a virtual laboratory devoted to L2 writing in Czech, German, Italian and Slovenian.

Event detail

Event start
21. 11. 2016 9:30 - 17:00
Faculty of Arts, Celetná 20, Prague 1 (Room 141)
Organizing Institution
Institute of Czech Studies
Event type
Conference, Workshop