L2 Translation: Getting Out of the Grey Zone

Despite being a common practice in most parts of the world, L2 translation (also referred to as non-native translation or inverse translation) remains a relatively under-explored area. Existing research suggests that L2 translation, and directionality in general, is a complex issue, with key factors including the text type, the client’s expectations and, perhaps most importantly, the translator’s individual skills. At the same time, however, many questions related to L2 translation as a process, product, service and object of training are yet to be answered.

Our intention is to create an arena for multiple voices to help further demystify L2 translation by presenting research-based facts, sharing practical experience, and asking relevant questions. Therefore, this two-day conference aims to bring together translation scholars, researchers, trainers and representatives of the translation industry to discuss, through papers and a panel discussion, the current status, future opportunities and challenges related to L2 translation.

Event detail

Event start
20. 9. 2019 9:00
Konec události
21. 9. 2019 17:00
Faculty of Arts, Hybernská 3, Prague 1
Organizing Institution
Institute of Translation Studies Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic in co-operation with Directorate General for Translation of European Commission (DGT)
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