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„E-learning as a way to modern education“

E-learning can be defined as learning via electronic media, therefore, a controlled self-study on a computer connected to the internet. The advantage of e-learning is its better and faster accessibility to education and educational materials that can be easily updated and reused in new courses. The students may actively participate in courses, can receive immediate feedback, and interact with their instructors and study group at any time.


Tools available at Charles University

  • MOODLE – open-source software for the creation of online courses in which the instructors can create study materials, communicate with their students, design tests, and evaluate submitted papers. HERE
  • TURNITIN – a tool supporting academic writing, it detects and prevents plagiarism, therefore, it improves the quality of the submitted seminar papers and theses. HERE
  • MS TEAMS – MS Teams tool is available to students and employees of Charles University as part of Office 365. More.
  • ZOOM – video-conference software which basic licence allows meeting for 100 participants for 40 minutes and with EDU licence even up to 300 participants and unlimited time. More 
  • STREAMSERVER – Streamservers are used for uploading and streaming videos to which only students of CU have access. The videos can be put up on webpages and to Moodle courses. More
  • eCUNI Electronic Library – Webová knihovna eCuni is an online library which allows uploading and access to interactive hypertext books. More
  • WIKI – Wiki-systems (e.g. Wikipedia) are knowledge-based sites affecting the current production of the finding and publication process. More

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