Interlibrary Services

Service for registered users of CU FA libraries

The Interlibrary Loan Service (ILS) allows internal users of CU FA (employees and students of the Faculty) to obtain documents, which are not in the collection of CU FA Library, from libraries outside of Prague in the Czech Republic or from the libraries abroad (international ILS).

The literature borrowed via ILS and international ILS is intended only for an in-house study in the study rooms of Jan Palach Library. On request, the book may be delivered for the in-house study to another departmental library at CU FA. The book is carried to the departmental library by an employee providing the ILS and international ILS (not by the user).

The provision of ILS is regulated by Charles University Library and Circulation Rules.

Requests on documents

ILS and international IILS loans are provided by Jan Palach Library to the internal users of the Faculty of Arts, Charles University. Foreign publications/copies are requested via the National Library of the Czech Republic which has three months to process the requests. Requested documents can be cancelled at least two work-days since their submission by email at The payment must be settled even for documents that have not been cancelled in time.

Send your request at

Details required for requesting documents:

  • Books: name, author, place and year of publishing, ISBN
  • Copy of articles: author and name of the article, name of the journal, year of publication, year, issue, pages, ISSN
  • Your CU card number (ID)

Price list

Interlibrary Loan Service (ILS)

Currently, only copies are charged for ILS, the fee depends on the price list of the library providing the copy.

International Interlibrary Loan Service (IILS)
  • Fees charged for IILS are governed by the price list of the National Library of the Czech Republic.
  • The delivery of a book published in Europe (except the United Kingdom): 250 CZK for a library document.
  • The delivery of a book published in the United Kingdom and non-European countries: 450 CZK for a library document.
  • Printed copies from the collection of foreign libraries: 40 CZK for each started 5 pages (we do not provide electronic delivery of copies).

The users of the Faculty of Arts cover in full the cost of the requested services after an employee of FA Library informs them about the incoming documents, i.e. by cash deposit or by cashless bank payment.


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