Borrowing books

How to register for the Library?

To register for Charles University libraries, it is necessary to own one of Charles University Cards ( You may find the list of card service centres here. To register for the Charles University libraries, it is necessary to agree with and send an electronic application form that can be found on the webpage of Central Library of CU. To access the electronic application form, you have to log in with your university details (the password is the same as for SIS, CAS, and other university services). If you have forgotten your password, you have to personally visit one of the card service centres where they will generate a temporary password that must be changed in 5 days or else it expires. After the electronic application form is successfully sent, the user automatically becomes a registered user of all Charles University libraries.

Registration for Charles University libraries is free of charge. The issuance of CU Card at the card service centre may be charged according to the current conditions.

Online user account

Whenever you borrow a book, you will learn the end date of the loan from the service at the loan desk. You may check the status of your loans online in your user account in the discovery service UKAŽ. Through the user account, you may renew the loans and request or reserve a specific document.

Discovery service UKAŽ – in the upper-left corner, you may switch to English. You may sign in via the  “Sign in” button in the upper right corner. The details are the same as for SIS and other university services.

Categories of documents

In-house loan

The document can be borrowed after a determined period over night/weekend//state holiday. It needs to be returned at a specified hour the following working day; not available to all categories of users. (In the catalogue as In-house loan or Strictly in-house loan)

Short-term loan

Week-long – for all categories except the general public. (In the catalogue as Short-term loan or Specific loan)

Regular loan

Month-long loan for all user categories. (In the catalogue as Regular loan I. or Regular loan III.)

Grant Loan

Only for grant’s researchers, be it a student, PhD student, or employee – the loan lasts for the estimated period of the grant’s research. After the termination of the grant, the category of the document changes to one of the above.

ePrezenčka (electronic in-house loan)

The most demanded and poorly accessible titles at CU are available in a digital form on the computers in Jan Palach Library, in Sporck Palace and on marked computers in the departmental libraries.

Fees for overdue return

  • Regular loan: 3 CZK/day
  • In-house loan: 50 CZK/day
  • Electronic devices: 100 CZK/day

You are unable to return a book in time?

Book return and library book drop boxes

You may always return the books at the library loan desk where you have borrowed it.

Library book drop boxes are used for self-service return of the borrowed documents (only outside of library’s opening hours). They are placed in several buildings of CU FA:

  • nám. Jana Palacha 2 ­– basement
  • Celetná 13 – entrance hall (temporary relocation from Celetná 20 due to the reconstruction works)
  • Sporck Palace, Hybernská 3 – ground floor

Drop boxes are only for the books of the particular building’s libraries. Each building has its own book drop box.