Times Higher Education World University Rankings Confirm Charles University Amongst the World’s Best

Charles University has been recognised as one of the world’s premier institutions across all the disciplines it consistently offers in education and research, as found by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2024 by Subject released Thursday. The university excelled in the fields of arts & humanities, in which it was ranked 151st – 175th. The rankings are part of the Times Higher Education ranking family, which evaluates universities’ performance in eleven subjects.

As in the case of the overall institutional comparison, which recently positioned Charles University within the top five hundred universities globally, the subject-based assessment evaluates their performance based on eighteen indicators, grouped into five distinct pillars: education and teaching, research environment, research quality, collaboration with industry, technology transfer, and internationalisation. The weight assigned to each pillar varies from discipline to discipline, with specific consideration given to the significance of education and research.

Except for engineering, which is not consistently offered, Charles University has earned recognition as one of the finest institutions in the remaining ten disciplines. After the arts and humanities, Charles University ranked 176th – 200th in law, 201st – 250th in business and economics, and 301st – 400th in clinical and health sciences, natural sciences, and life sciences. Additionally, Charles University secured its position among the top five hundred universities in computer science, social sciences, education, and psychology.

The published results show that the position of Charles University in six disciplines has improved year-on-year, which was to some extent also due to the modification of the existing evaluation methodology and the fact that the university achieved the best result in the Czech Republic in seven of the ten disciplines in which it was classified. In the remaining three disciplines, it is tied in first place with another university from the Czech Republic.

You may find the profile of Charles University with the results and comparison here and the complete ranking here.

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