Statement on Developments in Education Sector in Turkey

With great concern and anxiety, we follow the latest news from Turkey and the developments in institutions of higher education and the Turkish academia. According to information available from the media, academics are prohibited to travel abroad; a number of deans have been asked to resign; teachers and education officials have been made redundant; schools have been closed.

We support our colleagues and friends from Turkish universities and institutions of higher education in their difficult situation when academic freedoms and the autonomy of the academia are threatened. We support their right for freedom and democracy. We support the statement of the European University Association (EUA) from 19 July 2016.

We appeal to all citizens of good will, regardless of their confession and political orientation, to promote the preservation of democratic values and human rights in Turkey.

Prof. MUDr. Tomáš Zima, DrSc.
President of the Czech Rectors Conference
Rector of Charles University

Statement on Developments in Education Sector in Turkey [, July 20, 2016]

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