University Residence Halls

The official website of the Dormitories of Charles University.

Charles University has several halls of residence. Students of the Faculty of Arts are allowed to use all of them. Usually, rooms are shared by two or more people. There are single rooms, but these are usually booked very quickly. Bathrooms and kitchenettes are shared by more rooms. Some halls have the so-called unit system where one unit consists of two twin rooms (= room with two single beds) sharing bathroom facilities.

Bedding and bed linen are provided; towels and kitchen utensils are not. If you wish to share a room with a colleague (classmate), contact the Accommodation Office (Reception) preferably before your arrival. The allocation of rooms is the responsibility of the residence hall management.

If you wish to share a room with a colleague (schoolmate) of yours, please, ask the Accommodation Office (Reception) on your arrival (or contact either the dormitory or the European Office before of it). The allocation of rooms is responsibility of the management of the residence hall.

The accommodation will be provided for the period corresponding to your study stay at Charles University. It is always available starting approx. one week before the beginning of the semester/study period, and students need not make any special request to move in during this week. You will be notified of details of your accommodation (period in which the room is available, price, address, etc.) in an Accommodation Voucher that you may receive together with a Letter of Acceptance or upon request. Students who wish to come earlier will have to find their own accommodation.

To check-in you need: your passport, one photograph and a copy of the receipt from the payment of the deposit in some cases. Students who arrive after office hours will be housed for the night (the reception is open 24 hours a day) and registered on the following work day at the Accommodation Office. When checking in students are expected to pay for one month in advance. A deposit CZK 1,800 is to be paid approximately 2 months before arrival in some cases.

The rent is paid directly in cash (CZK) at the Accommodation Office/Reception at the appropriate residence. No cards accepted. Students make the first payment upon their arrival and must make subsequent monthly payments in advance, always at the latest on the 25th of the preceding month.

If a student wishes to leave the accommodation earlier than is stated in the agreement, he or she will have to pay a penalty charge that will be deducted from the advance part of the payment (= deposit). If a student stays in the dormitory for the whole period of his/her study stay in Prague, the deposit will be used to (partly) cover the last month’s rent; it’s not returned in cash.

The list below is a summary of the most important information. 

Kolej Jednota (Student residence Jednota)
Kolej Budeč (Student residence Budeč)
Kolej Švehlova (Student residence Švehlova)
Koleje Jižní Město: Vltava (Student residence Jižní Město – Kolej Vltava)
Koleje Jižní Město: Otava (Student residence Jižní Město – Kolej Otava)
Kolej Kajetánka (Student residence Kajetánka)
Kolej Komenského (Students residence Komenského)
Kolej Na Větrníku (Student residence Na Větrníku)
Kolej Hvězda (Students residence Hvězda)
Kolej 17. listopadu (Students residence 17. listopadu)
Kolej Hostivař (Students residence areál Hostivař)

Should you have any questions according to special needs of your accommodation, please contact:

Central Accommodation Office


Tel.: +420 224 933 825; +420 224 930 010

English website of the administration of Charles University halls of residences, look there to read the Accommodation Agreement in advance.

Private Accommodation

Many students at the Faculty of Arts prefer renting and flat-sharing to staying at the university halls of residence. People looking for flatmates often advertise on the Faculty noticeboards, through e-mail (people who study the same subject in the same year often have one e-mail address in common for sharing notes, job offers, etc.) or Facebook (there are groups especially designed for people who are looking for flats and/or flatmates). The prices of private accommodation differ according to location, type of building, services included and according to the arrangements (shared rooms / private rooms). Before signing a contract, it is advisable to compare several different offers and to ask a local friend or classmate with some experience for his or her opinion.