Public transport

After arriving in Prague the best way to get around is public transportation. The public transport system consists of three metro lines, tram network and buses that will take you anywhere in the city. There are two types of single tickets 30 CZK for 30 minutes or 40 CZK for 90 minutes – you can change lines as many times as you wish with either of these. The tickets are easily available in kiosks and machines at the metro stations, some tram stops and even in new types of trams.

Depending on the length of your stay, you will probably want to buy a long-term ticket. You can get it at several metro stations (the Můstek station is the closest to the Faculty of Arts) when you show your student card. A three-month pass for students under 26 costs 360 CZK. The updated list of all fares can be found at this page: . 

For further information on fares and public transport in Prague in general, please visit

Please note: The transport office gets an updated list of students from the university card centers once a day. So, you may need to wait one day after getting your ID card to buy a student transport pass.

In case you lose your long-term ticket, you can get a duplicate without needing to buy a new one at the Municipal Transportation Centre. Their address is Na Bojišti 5 (near the metro station I. P. Pavlova).

During rush hour the metro runs every 2–3 minutes, trams and buses about every 5–10 minutes At night the system of public transport changes the operation, metro closes around midnight and starts running again at approximately 5:00 in the morning. Night trams and buses usually run every 30 minutes between midnight and 5:00 a. m.; all night trams meet at the Lazarská stop.

If you decide to use one-way tickets, do not forget to validate them upon entering public transportation! When in a vehicle/metro stations you may be asked to show your ticket at any point – the conductors do not always wear uniforms. They will show you a small badge of the Transportation Authority and ask you for a ticket. If you do not have one, either you must pay a fine of 1500 CZK (which can be lowered to 1000 CZK if paid right on the spot or on the 15th calendar day from the inspection date at the latest in the additional payments counter) or they will ask you for your ID and take down all of your personal data. If you cause trouble they will call the police, so it is recommended that you cooperate. In case you only just forgot your personal long-term ticket at home, inform the conductors about this (do not pay anything!) and take this ticket to the Na Bojišti 5 address where you will pay a fine of only 50 CZK.


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