The Practical Czech Law Lecture Will Take Place on 19 March

This lecture provides a comprehensive overview of practical aspects of Czech law relevant to students. You will learn about visa and residency permit procedures in the Czech Republic, employment opportunities, distinctions between employment and business activities, and various types of contracts applicable in the Czech Republic. It will take place online from 4:00 pm.

Additionally, the lecture addresses common challenges related to living arrangements such as lease contract negotiations, deposit regulations, differences between lease and sublease agreements, and purchase contracts. Moreover, attendees will gain insight into the general obligations of foreigners in the Czech Republic and explore opportunities provided by Czech law for graduates. Furthermore, practical guidance on using Databox for interactions with Czech authorities will make your life here easier.

The students can register here. The event will take place online on the platform Zoom. Upon registration, all participants will receive the event link via email.

Lecturer | Attorney Mgr. Hana Křenková

With her extensive legal expertise and personalized approach, Mrs. Křenková specializes in assisting foreigners with legal matters and navigating bureaucratic procedures in the Czech Republic. Her lecture series focuses on navigating legal complexities and providing personalized assistance, fostering inclusivity and empowerment within the expat community.

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