Czech Translation of Reginaldo Prandi’s Book Has Been Published

The book Contos e lendas da Amazônia (Ukradený déšť a jiné příběhy z Amazonie) was translated by students of Portugal and Luso-Brazilian Studies at the Department of Romance Studies at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University, under the supervision of Dr Šárka Grauová. The illustrations were prepared by students from doc Juraj Horváth’s atelier at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague.

The tales from Brazilian Amazonia invites you to the spiritual world of its inhabitants. Religionist Reginaldo Prandi conveys circulating stories of the locals – ancient Indian myths reflecting the native’s perception of the world, folktales blending indigenous cultures with the culture of European conquerors, and tales of disrespect of the civilization founded by Europeans towards nature of this little-known area. The book includes also a dictionary of the facts of the Amazonian world.

The idea to translate the whole book sprouted at a translating workshop in November 2019. After the workshop, a group of students and graduates continued with the preparation of the publication even during the lockdown. At regular online meetings, they managed to resolve issues regarding the translation of the Amazonian historical and social facts, native customs, and Czech stylistics of expressing myths and folk legends.