Support for Students in Difficult Situations

The Management of the Faculty of Arts, Charles University, is aware that extremely sensitive and potentially traumatizing experience with sexual harassment, pressure or violence requires a helping hand which takes into consideration the possibilities and demands of the victims. The trust, which the students put in us during a challenging life situation that has arisen in the pandemic crisis, is a commitment for the Faculty. This is also why we are convinced that when a student ends up in a distress, under pressure, or becomes a victim of a crime, they will reach out for one of the services CU FA offers. At their disposal are proven support mechanisms that are led by lively and empathic people.

Being responsible for more than 6 thousand students, CU FA has two support centres in operation: Counselling Centre Hybernská and Psychological Counselling Centre. Both centres can immediately react to personal crises and recommend further steps in case of long-term problems.

Students and graduates of CU FA with relevant specializations  – psychology and social work – are engaged in the Counselling Centre Hybernská from the very beginning. The co-founder of the Counselling Centre Hybernská is PhDr. Hana Pazlarová, Ph.D., the Vice-Dean for Study Affairs and expert on social work. A victim of a sexual assault or a student with personal tragedy has, therefore, a possibility to choose with whom they to wish discuss their problems: whether with a colleague of the same age, a teacher, or a deputy of the Management. CU FA is also prepared to offer legal support for victims of sexual assaults.

If the students rather wish to ask someone from outside of CU FA for assistance, below is a list of verified supporting organizations with high-standard operation and services.

The following organizations specialize in support of sexual assaults victims:

Bílý kruh bezpečí and its helpline for victims 116 006

proFem, o.p.s.


For victims of domestic violence:



Charles University seeks to create a work, educational, and social environment where the rights and dignity of all members of the university community are respected. You may find more information and other links on the university webpage about sexual harassment. If you have been harassed by a student during your studies, you may contact the Dean who may initiate a disciplinary proceeding. If you have been harassed by an employee, you may contact the Ethics Committee of CU FA.

CU FA also collaborates with University’s Carolina Centre and counselling centres at other faculties. We provide links to our services and help each other based on our capacities. We are also preparing an introduction of Dean’s adviser regarding the issues of discrimination and sexual harassment.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please, contact the Vice-Dean for Student Affairs, Hana Pazlarová: