Researchers and Students Can Apply for Fulbright Program Scholarship

Applications can be submitted for Fulbright Scholarship, Fulbright-Masaryk Scholarship, and Fulbright Postgraduate Scholarships. Visiting researchers from the USA may also apply.

Scholarship Programs for Czech Researchers and Students

Application for Fulbright Scholarship can be submitted by researchers with PhD degree. It requires prior successful research or teaching activity, advanced English proficiency, high-quality project, and an invitation from the USA. The scholarship is provided for three to ten months.

Furthermore, applications for Fulbright-Masaryk Scholarship can be submitted by academics who besides their research are also active in academic and public life – for example, in an academic senate, non-profit organization, or local government. The scholarship is awarded in three categories: young researchers before their PhD dissertation; researchers who received PhD at most 5 years back; advanced researchers with PhD received more than 5 years back. Further conditions are the same as for the first scholarships.

The application can be also submitted for Fulbright Postgraduate Scholarship. This one is intended for a Master’s or PhD study and research conducted in the United States of America for all MBA and LLM programs. The Scholarship is awarded for one academic year (4-9 months).

The aim of the visit can be: research visit to write an independent and own research project (e.g. dissertation); attending a whole study program which leads to getting a degree at an American university; study visit that does not lead to getting a degree.

Scholarship Holders from the USA at Czech Universities

Czech universities can also apply for scholarships to support visiting American researchers in the Czech Republic. The visits have several options that differ especially in the length of the visit but also in who applies for the grant. Applications can be submitted, for example, for Fulbright Core Program for long-term visits or Fulbright Specialist Program for short-term visits.