CU FA Library restores Loan Service in a Restricted Mode

From 13 January 2021, CU FA libraries will start again to loan books to the students and employees of Charles University* in a restricted mode. Please, pay special attention to the conditions of the service:

[CHANGED] Loans and collecting points

  • The loans are provided only based on a user’s request in the Charles University Central Catalogue (when logged in). The service of requesting loans is already running. The process of placing a request is identical to the standard process of requesting a book from the depository.
    • Tip: Do you need help with placing a request? Take a look at the manual on how to work with the user’s account.
  • The loans can be collected only in the following designated collecting points: Jan Palach Library (the main building of FA, basement), Celetná Library (Celetná 16, IMPORTANT: during the current reconstruction works loans can be only collected in a substitute space – office n. 10 in the rectorate part of the building. It is also accessible from Ovocný trh 5) and Sporck Palace Library (Hybernská 3).
  • The user can collect the loans only after receiving an email invitation to collect them. If the requested loans are from multiple libraries, the user will receive a separate email from each library, where he requested a loan in its collection. When the email invitation is sent, the books are added to the user account. If they are not collected within a week, they will be returned into circulation and removed from the user account.

Collection points opening hours

  • The loans may be collected from Tuesday to Thursday 10 am – 3 pm (Celetná Library and Sporck Palace) and 10 am – 5 pm (Jan Palach Library). After receiving the email about the prepared loan, the user may come anytime in the opening hours above. There is no obligation to reserve a specific time to collect the loans.

Which books can I borrow? Cancellation of a request

  • You may borrow all books from CU FA libraries that are by default lent as regular loans. Books with the status “in-house loan” can be lent as a regular based on an individual decision of the librarian, but it does not apply to theses and dissertations and most of the periodicals. If you are interested in an in-house loan, please send an email at
  • If the book is not collected within 1 week from the sending of the invitation, the request is cancelled and the book is returned into circulation so that it may be borrowed by another user.

Returning books

  • It is possible to return borrowed books for the entire duration of CU FA libraries closure. Returning books is only possible contacless via library book drop boxes. It is required to return the books in the same buildings where the books were previously borrowed. Library book drop boxes locations.
  • If you are not sure of your loans due dates, please check your user’s account in CU Central Catalogue (after log in with CU credentials). The loans due dates stated here are binding and always have a priority. You can also send us an e-mail to

Contact and links

If you have any questions regarding the restricted mode or the operation of libraries, please send an email at

The information about the current operation of CUFA libraries may be found on the informational website and on the website You may also follow us on our Facebook.

* For the time being, the loan service will be offered only to the students and employees of Charles University regardless of the affiliation to any faculty. The service continues to be closed for the public (external users, students of the lifelong learning courses and universities of the third age, and the general public) until further notice.