Call for Papers: International Conference „Utopia and the New World“

Center for Ibero-American Studies, Prague (Czech Republic), 5-6 November 2019

The objective of the international conference Utopia and the New World is to bring together specialists from various academic disciplines dealing with the problematic of modern utopias in Americas and Europe. The concept of utopia has had from its origin a special relationship with the geographical exploration of the globe and with the American scenery. This close relationship allows us to propose as the guiding thread of the congress the connection between utopia (or dystopia) and the idea of “New World” applied by Europeans not only to America, but also to all that modernity would promise to bring. Undoubtedly, the exploration of this relation will allow us to launch new perspectives both on the crossed identities of Europe and America and on what utopia entails as an exploration of possible worlds, a critique of the present and hope for a better future; which means launching a new sights at modernity – from the perspective of utopia.

The attention will be paid to the concepts related to utopia and dystopia, overseas colonization, the formation of Europe and the cross-looks between Europe and America; all this in a wide chronological framework, from the fifteenth century up to the present. Within this analytical background, we invite you to explore multiple problems, ranging from the transformations of thought, economy and society in the Modern and Contemporary Age, to the formation of identities, migrations, the definition of “Europe” and “America”, its birth and constitution.

Researchers interested in attending the conference should send their proposals before June 1, 2019 to the email []. The proposal should contain the title of the paper, a brief summary (max 200 words), a short CV (containing name and surname, academic affiliation, email, lines of research and recent publications, max 200 words equally). The organization will answer on the acceptance of the proposals before June 21.

The languages of the conference will be English and Spanish.

Conference website