Methodologies in Digital Humanities: Text Encoding Initiative Public Day

Methodologies in Digital Humanities

(Text Encoding Initiative Public Day)

The Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) has long been the major standard for the digital representation of textual resources for scholarly research, used across all disciplines of the Humanities by librarians, archivists and scholars alike. During this symposium, supported by Faculty of Arts, Charles University, the TEI Consortium and the European network DiXiT, we will have the pleasure of welcoming many members of the TEI Technical Council (the body in charge of developing and maintaining this standard), together with Czech scholars using the TEI in their work. They will present how the new methods introduced by Digital Humanities, of which the TEI is a central part, are shaping new ways of working and collaborating in scholarly activities.

The public day will take place on February 8th 2017 at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University, room P104 (first floor), nám. Jana Palacha 2, Praha 1 (map).

Entrance is free with no registration required. If you know you are coming in advance, please let us know at

The event is organised by: Marjorie Burghart, Lucie Doležalová and Ondřej Tichý.


Hugh Cayless
(TEI Council Chair / Duke University, USA)
Implementing Critical Editions for the Digital Latin Library
Markéta Ivánková
(Charles University)
How does TEI cope with the variants of the Bærings saga?
Elisa Beshero-Bondar
(TEI Council / University of Pittsburgh, Greensburg)
Cooking with Emily Dickinson and Frankenstein: TEI as a Learning Process
Lucie Doležalová
(Charles University)
& Marjorie Burghart
(CNRS, France)
The Digital Editing of Medieval Manuscripts Training Network (DEMM)
Magdalena Turska
(TEI Council / eXist Solutions)
When encoding is done: publishing and maintaining TEI corpora
Boris Lehečka
(Czech Academy of Science)
Creating TEI Compliant Editions in MS Word
Alejandro Bia
(TEI Council / Miguel Hernández University, Spain)
Why XML-TEI is the best option for document encoding considering Long Term Preservation?
Jan Hajič, jr.
(Charles University)
Optical Musical Recognition
James Cummings
(TEI Council / Oxford University, UK)
TEI Infrastructure for Creation, Collaboration, and Publication
Ondřej Košarko
(Charles University)
LINDAT/CLARIN Centre for Language Research Infrastructure in the Czech Republic
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