To become a professor in a certain field, the candidate must be a docent (associate professor), an outstanding and universally recognised scholar in his/her field, and author of important scientific or artistic works. Professorship proceedings are held under the auspices of tertiary education institutions that have met rigorous selection criteria and have been authorised by the Ministry of Education to conduct such proceedings in the particular subject. A mandatory requirement for promotion is consistent teaching activity and supervision of PhD students. The candidate must also submit at least two written recommendations by professors in the same or related fields. The qualifications of the candidate are assessed by a five-member board of examiners and the Research Board of the faculty, to whom the candidate presents a professorial lecture, and then by the Research Board of the university. If the overall outcome is favourable, the candidate is appointed professor in the respective field by the President of the Czech Republic. More information on requirements related to professorship proceedings is available in Czech on the Research Office website. A list of currently available subjects for professorship can be extracted from this database.