The first step of a Ph.D. graduate in the position of a university lecturer on the way to a higher rank is the achievement of the docent (associate professor) title, which is awarded on completion of the so-called habilitation. Habilitation proceedings may be conducted by tertiary education institutions that have met rigorous selection criteria and have been authorised by the Ministry of Education to conduct habilitation proceedings in the particular subject. During the proceedings, research and teaching competencies of the candidate are assessed on the basis of a submitted habilitation dissertation and their previous teaching and academic activities in the subject area. The qualifications of the candidate are assessed by a five-member board of examiners and the Research Board of the Faculty, to whom the candidate presents a habilitation lecture. if the overall outcome is favourable, the Rector appoints the candidate “docent” (assistant professor) in the relevant field. More information on habilitation requirements is available in Czech on the Research Office website. A list of currently available subjects for habilitation can be extracted from this database.